GEARWRENCH is a company that makes tools for professional industrial and automotive technicians. With our "Forge Ahead" campaign we developed a series of videos called GEARWRENCH AT WORK (a.k.a. "GWAW") where we focused on not just the tools, but the hands that use them through a series of energetically fueled videos featured on the company's YouTube and social media channels, as well as .com. 

GWAW 1 - Introducing "GEARWRENCH AT WORK," a new video series that celebrates the people who use our tools to build, fix, maintain and otherwise keep this country working. Our first film takes you from helicopter maintenance in Valdez, Alaska to power lines in the Bayou, to pulling a V6 for a rebuild in Oregon (with points in between). - GEARWRENCH

GWAW 2 - "GEARWRENCH AT WORK" is our new video series that celebrates the people who use our tools to build, fix, maintain and otherwise keep this country working. Our second film takes you from radio tower maintenance in Louisiana to Chip Ganassi Racing HQ in North Carolina, to ironworkers in San Francisco (with points in between). - GEARWRENCH

GWAW 3 - In the third installment of GEARWRENCH AT WORK, we travel from the top of a wind turbine, to ironworkers on high steel to the belly of a giant ship, and to the guts of a rat rod. It’s a tour of yet more places where our tools are hard at work making everything and anything work. - GEARWRENCH

On social channels we photographed the companies tools in the authentic environments where auto and industrial technicians work everyday. 

Digital ads expanded to tell the GWAW story along with the environmental product photography I directed - shot by photographer, Ty Milford. 

As art director I managed the project from the side of all things design and creative. I helped create the concept from the simple insight that to truly understand the tools and how they work we should show them in action in their professional environments from the perspective of the technician. On the production side of things I traveled to a location or two to capture content with our film crew as well as worked closely in post with editors to cut each film, source music and select shots. And lastly helped create the concept for the "Forge Ahead" press animation at the end of each film and worked with an outside vendor to direct it. 

In addition to the campaign, I was part of a small team that went out to pitch the business. We won the account through insightful strategy, thoughtful storytelling, smart creative and a little bit of good ol' fashion presentation and theatre didn't hurt either. 

Creative Director: Rob Thompson
Art Director: Ryan Sonderegger
Producer: Jonathan Jenkins
DP: Dennis Fitzgerald
Agency: BPN